Once a peaceful town, Alotau is overshadowed by criminal activities


WITH the Alotau Accord conceived twice in the island, the recent one in 2017, has the place became a place of power trading and money transfer?
The cradle power-play, horse-trading and political negotiations have occurred.
What was the meet about? Money? Power? Greed? Women? Business? Wheeling and Dealings were made to run (down) the country, or was it to uplift and propel development?
What was the motive behind the Alotau Accord and for whose good was it conceived?.
The beautiful coastal and islands town, flourishing with tourists, culture and tranquillity has been overshadowed by robbery, police brutality, accidents, hijacking and innocent blood spilling. Spilling of blood will always cry for vengeance. Lives have changed.
The community were traumatised, there was dwindling of law and order. Why? Have these educated, young men turn to mad, ruthless, monsters of carnage?
Obviously something is not right for the quiet, peace-loving town to be rattled by trouble and mayhem.
Pretty sad and frightening. Would it be an omen of bad luck, bad management, bad leadership, bad financial management?
People have been crying and praying for a full term and almost 18 month for repentance and change.
What is a possible solution? Return to God?

Concerned observer
Port Moresby