Ongoing support for Kutubu sports

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SECRETARY of  Kutubu landowner company Kawaso Limited Kossy Sosoro continues to lead the way in supporting rural sports in his home district of Kutubu.
Kawaso Ltd, a maintanence contractor with Oil Search Ltd in Kutubu, has maintained its community obligations by sponsoring sporting teams in the area over a long period of time.
Last week Mr Sosoro  flew to Kutubu from Port Moresby to personally deliver two separate sets of uniforms and equipment for the Poroma rugby league association (PRLA) and  the Mubi basketball club.
 He said the main idea behind supporting and funding sports in his district was to show people that the landowner company was intersted in the community and to share in the its benefits.
“My company is intersted in helping the people of  Kutubu, especially the youth in the district.
“To show that we care and to show the rest of the province that we are not  selfish but we are willing to share the benefits of the resources in different ways,” Sosoro said.
 “I’m doing this for the welfare and prosperity of the Kutubu people.
“I wish I could give more to the people but I can only do so much, still I’m happy and proud to  be doing something useful and worthwhile for the people of my area.
“Like several of my countrymen who have given much to sports I also want to help develop   youth through sports.”
The PRLA received a set of 17 jersies, socks and shorts along with whistles, balls and cones while the Mubi basketball club received 10 sets of uniforms with balls and  stop watches.
The sponsorship  is valued at more than K14,000, however, Sosoro said he would be making further donations to the district next week to soccer and volleyball.
Kawaso Ltd has sponsored the Defence rugby league club in Port Moresby and is one of the more active backers of grassroots sports.