Our men need to protect women


WOMEN and girls in Papua New Guinea need men’s protection and not tough laws.
In PNG, there is no longer a place or society seen as free from violence or conducive environment reserve for women and girls to live, at least a decent place safety is guaranteed.
Women need greater protection to realise the true meaning of life, why they were created and the purpose of their existence.
Most importantly the motive behind why God pulled out the man’s rib and created them.
Everywhere you go is polluted by family and sexual violence, even the first institutions we call family and home, basic right to live freely from any form of abuse or live with greater peace, care and respect does not dwell anymore.
How we can solve this issue or minimise it remain a question.
Tough laws can’t even change human behaviour these days.
We hae to learn to respect our mothers and sisters. God does not make a mistake to shape or create a woman.
He did not used an element taken from the head or a bone removed from the foot to form a woman. He formed the woman from a rib plucked from the right side of man. He does not want the woman to be above man to control everything or to be trampled by foot. He wants us to be equal, live side by side, help, care and respect each other.
This was the sole reason why he took the man’s rib from the right side and formed the woman.
The majority of our men tend to destroy and offend this ownership rights God has initially pronounced in the beginning.
We owned them does not mean we have all the rights to apply excessive burden on women.
They see us (men) as their literal source of existence so what they expect from us is love, care, respect and protection.

Hanam Bill Sandu