Paid for doing nothing


THERE are a lot of teachers being paid while occupying a position but not actively on the ground doing the job. On the same position another officer is acting on it and not paid but doing the job.
How is this organised by the Education department or Teachers Service Commission (TSC)?
A classic example is one school in Eastern Highlands. The principal is not on the ground but is being paid doing nothing while someone is acting and doing the job.
To make it worse, the not performing principal has been given tenure for three years.
The same is for the deputy principal position. A principal in another high school is paid by another position and this position is performed by an acting personnel.
This is discouraging and causing insubordination among the teachers and ancillary stuff.
We demand the EHP education division, Education Department and TSC to explain the technicality behind this kind of arrangements.
One cannot be paid for doing nothing and one cannot be working hard for no pay or for less benefits. With the positions teachers apply for comes with the benefits.
This kind of arrangements/ problem happens everywhere and the Education Department or TSC has failed to address this.
The provincial advisors and PEB are part of this arrangements and are responsible for the problem.
A reason is that the PEB and advisors seem to favourite certain people.
Taking back PNG is what we all want to do as spoken by our Prime Minister James Marape and we request the PM to look into this.
Lots of monies are paid per fortnight for officers doing nothing.
These monies can be recouped.

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