Pay security staff more, police say

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The National, Friday October 18th, 2013

 SECURITY companies are vital in the enforcement of law in the country yet its employees are often neglected, a senior police officer says.

National Capital District-Central Divisional Commander ACP Jim Andrews said “security companies actually supported what police were supposed to be doing”.

“Without their efforts, police will not be able to look after the entire city (Port Moresby),” Andrews said.

“But unfortunately they are being neglected.”

Referring to the K6.3 million heist last week, Andrews said one of the reasons behind the security guards allegedly carrying out the robbery could be in relation to their salaries and entitlements.

He said escorting money was a high-risk job and security officers who put their lives at risk should be properly compensated.

“The conditions of these security officers must be improved,” Andrews said.

“Some security companies, I believe, are paying their employees way below the minimum wage.”