Peer groups destroying schools


YOU have heard, read and seen in the media about the issues affecting schools in Lae.
Groupings and inter-school fights are probably the worst of these issues.
As a student from one of those schools that got involved in fights, I have seen and experienced these issues.
The problem is a malignant cancer quietly crippling the city’s school system.
And do not think for one second that this problem is only in certain secondary schools in the district, it is also in the top performing schools in the district.
The seeds of these activities are sown in the primary school students.
Many children, even before they reach secondary schools, have already chosen the sides they want to be in.
I have seen children as young as eight years old throwing up cult signs and intimidating other children from other schools.
It sickens me seeing my younger sibling’s friends throwing cult signs at me, thinking that I was a member of a cult group.
I live in the territory of another cult group and that means I cannot go to the territory of another cult group because I will be seen as an enemy.
What kind of stupidity is this?
I have seen friends in primary schools turned enemies in secondary schools.
The education board has been for many years passed this issue off as a school disciplinary problem.
But it is more than that.
It is a combination of social influences from the suburbs and peer pressure/influence in schools affecting the children’s mindset.
Parents, the board and churches should work together to eradicate this issue in the city’s school system.
I have seen reconciliation ceremonies come and go but nothing has changed.
This is because we are not aggressive in tackling this issue.
The strategy should be a three-prong strike.
In the homes, schools and churches.
The root should be cut down and unity should prevail.
Please I appeal to parents and the community, these kids are our future let us work together to protect your investments.
I hope one day every schools in the district can stand under one banner and destroy this satanism in schools.

George Matu,

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