People deserve to know


THE country deserves to be officially informed through a press release from the office of the Opposition leader informing the people of Papua New Guinea on the list of corrupt dealings and mismanagement issues of the current government under the leadership of Prime Minister Peter O’Neil.
Much has been mentioned on the daily newspapers and social media about the VoNC but what about looking carefully at the pros and cons of the VoNC.
The opposition has to highlight what has gone wrong with facts, figures and evidence and point out what the current government should have done and failed to do and how the opposition intends to address those issues with their best options and policies aligned to addressing each corrupt activities undertaken by the current government.
The Opposition should also highlight in their press release on how the opposition intends to address the high level of corruption and the economic woes in the next 100 days in Office as new government and state clearly their two or three important key agendas to be discussed and addressed in their first meeting as the new government.
The key points on the press release by the Opposition Leader should be the basis and reasonable grounds for the VoNC and on those reasons the opposition leader should invite the members of the government to join the opposition to move for a VoNC against the current PM.
The people deserve to know what is going wrong and they need to be clearly informed to prevent further dissemination of distorted information related to the VoNC.

Gehinahi Vaniso
2 Mile POM