PM keen to increase trade with Malaysia, create jobs


INCREASING trade and creating jobs are two things PNG expects when developing its relations with Malaysia, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says.
He welcomed Malaysia’s new High Commissioner Mohamad Nasri Abdul Rahman to the country last week.
O’Neill said the visit by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad last year has created new opportunities for trade and investment.
“Malaysia is a close friend of Papua New Guinea and we have a strong and growing relationship,” he said.
“We welcomed the visit by Prime Minister Mahathir last year for the Apec Summit.
“From that visit, a number of new opportunities for business and investment between our countries have been identified. And now we are advancing this potential to increase trade and create jobs.
“Mahathir had visited PNG previously.
“I am looking forward to meeting with him again later this year.”
He said Malaysia was PNG’s fifth largest investor.
“There is great opportunity to advance the relationship with many similarities between our countries, particularly when it comes to agriculture,” he said.
“Malaysia has great technical expertise which we can draw from, and there are opportunities for investment in our agricultural projects.”
He also thanked Malaysia for its support in the hosting of Apec in Port Moresby, and will support Malaysia when it hosts Apec in 2020.