PM: Quality education guarantees better future

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PROVIDING free education without due consideration to achieving quality education is a wasted education, Prime Minister James Marape says.
“The current Government maintains free education but tailored to achieve quality education, not just free education as in the past where quality education is compromised,” he said.
Marape said quality education would guarantee the future of the country.
“We also pay fees for our school leavers in tertiary institutions through the introduction of the higher education loan programme (Help), where many technical schools and drop outs are benefitting.”
He said Help supported students who could not afford full school fees and was providing greater assistance to students to also access quality education.
Marape said this at Massy village in Goroka where he visited to formally announce Goroka by-election candidate Aiye Tambua would contest under his Pangu Pati banner. (See story P10)
He urged students and youths not to drink alcohol but to behave and discuss issues that could help to transform themselves such as coffee farming.
Marape said his Government did not promote beer drinking and partying in clubs with a sponsored crowd to conduct rallies.
“That’s why I came to Massy village to show leadership to be measured with substance,” he said.
He said Pangu Pati was one of the oldest political parties that was there at independence and had a history of achievement and leadership.
Marape said past governments did what they were empowered to do but failed to empower the people.



  • The Prime Minister seems to thing the just repeating ‘quality education’ ensures quality. It does not. What has his government done to ensure quality? Has it 1. Ensured that teachers are committed and happy in their work by, at the very least, getting paid the correct amount and on time for salary, allowances and leave arrangements? 2. Provided funding for staff inservice training in relation to the SBC? 3. Funded the necessary textbooks and other learning materials for SBC? 4. Fully funded the work of the Inspections Division so that the focus on quality is maintained and opportunities for teacher promotion are made available? 5. Empowered Headteachers and their school Boards to ensure that a realistic teacher/pupil ratio is maintained in all classrooms. These are just some of the steps needed to ensure quality.

  • If the government is serious about quality education, better do something about it! Can the government start looking at having all MP’s children attend school in PNG, not overseas, so when it comes to MPs debating quality education in parliament, a very good decision is made.

  • Wasting time talking about quality education when you have not yet talked about quality teachers! O as an after thought pay teachers well so you can get the quality you wish to see.

    Giaman maus wara blo olgeta governments, including this one.

  • What about the continuous pay cuts in the teachers salary?
    Mr Prime Minister if you want quality standards then treat the teachers fairly.
    If there’s no pay cuts by the department of education as stated by Kombra then wheres2all the money being taken off teachers pay gone to.
    We are already fed up of bullshits and passing the buck.

  • This pm lacks any insight. He does not seem to know what is required to improve education, health or even the economy.
    Stop the maus wara.
    Start sorting out the mess. You can not deny the fact that you were a senior minister in PO government which started the mess PNG is in now.

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