PM should show he is in control


I AM losing confidence in Prime Minister James Marape.
There has been no tangible developments in the last couple of years.
It seems our ministers have all been let off the leash and are busy looking after themselves.
They are becoming way too comfortable.
The recent ethnic clashes in the city and economic mismanagement are causing the people to worry.
These are clear signs that our country is cracking. Marape, I challenge you to start cracking the whip on your ministers that are not performing.
Check your ministers who think they have a mortgage on certain portfolios.
You can start by reshuffling your own Pangu Pati MPs starting with Lands and Physical Planning, National Planning and Monitoring, Treasury, Health and Police ministers who have done absolutely nothing in the past months even though there were pressing issues to be dealt with.
The National Budget is blown out with nothing to show for and the signs of it are frustrated citizens spilling blood on the streets by taking the law into their own hands.
Your intervention is needed.
Accountability at all levels is needed.
We need you to step up now when the country is on its knees.
PNG needs you now to do something to show you’re in control.

Justin Fodamoni,
Port Moresby

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