PNG deserves leaders who can think out of the box


Are we sure that new power will bring development if PNC lost in power after VONC?
What will be new for the developing nation of Papua New Guinea after and if PNC is vented out of power by nearing VONC.
Well, in today’s 21st Century the developing countries like PNG deserves leaders who can think out of the box and to readdress the constraints limiting the nations development by allowing investors from the most developed nations to lead the way in line with the policies and institutional framework we have in the country.
And on how to analyse better ways to establish effective enforcement mechanisms in areas of development to scrutinise both paper work and physical working environment.
On top, we the ordinary country men and women, the working class, as well the parliamentarians in particular, it is our foremost need to know the most basic facts that any developing nations around the world had gone and going through the same trend before transforming themselves into more modernised or developed economies, they are and did faced very similar sentiments that we are now dragging on.
This understanding has to start with all members of Parliament and top elites who work more closely with the government and in key private sectors to work together from the top level and on how we can bring that level of understanding down to the community or societal level to breed the spirit of unity.
This would be a clear cut to throw out all kinds of discrepancies.
People need leaders who can respect and embrace the institutional framework of the country, and who can continue to make prior consultation and have proper round table meeting in the working hierarchy before any act on how this nation can progress and how to deal with foreign investors.
As an individual, I’m still sitting on the fence because corruption is caused by all and this kind of scenarios’ been existed since after independence, nothing new.
And I’m so curious to see which light will beam regardless of power shift in a long run after the VONC.
Hope nature will balance PNG soon.

David Kennedy
Cebu City

One thought on “PNG deserves leaders who can think out of the box

  • David, there is big time corruption which is why your crook needs to be removed and let another brainy run the country and we see.
    You shallow minded pea brain also need to think out of the box. Please go back to elementary and start again!….

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