PNG should stop relying on Australian aid

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday November 11th, 2013

 THE government is not even concerned about our people even when our resources are exploited and they around saying we are rich, but our kina is falling. 

Australia is spying on us to allow their multi-national companies like BHP, Oil Search and Trukai Industries reap our resources and build their Australian economy while our kina keeps falling. 

All nationals should call for Australian aid and assistance to stop and to have their embassy in PNG closed. 

Why are we so naïve and insensitive? 

Our national security and sovereignty are being challenged. 

Wake up, PNG, and see that our prime minister is working with Australia to buy the rundown mine of Ok Tedi. 

The people of PNG must rise up and change this government who is not serving our interest. 

Let us act now and make those multi-national companies pay for the environmental destructions, which will require relocation of the people away from contaminated rivers that they depend on for their livelihood. 


Avisat Nyan, via email