Police chiefs condemn killing

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The National – Monday, February 14, 2011

ACTING Police Commissioner Tony Wagambie and his deputy and Chief of Police Operations Fred Yakasa have both strongly condemned the brutal killing of Probationary Const Isaac Mambi and the wounding of two others along the border of Southern and Western Highlands.
Both top cops described the senseless killing of the junior police officer as barbaric, and described this action as sadistic and as a criminal act against the State.
Wagambie has called upon the community leaders in the area to assist the police in bringing those responsible to justice.
Yakasa has promised that “this brutal act will not go unpunished”.
While strongly condemning the brutal killing of Mambi, he said: “The constable’s body was brutally mutilated, both hands chopped off and he was beheaded.
“What kind of animal would do such a thing?
“We will use all available resources and manpower to bring those murderers to justice. Policemen will remain in the area until such time as the suspects are apprehended, the police issued firearm is recovered and the member’s body is recovered. Locals living downstream have been asked to help locate the body.
“I want all the murderers brought to justice. You cannot attack and kill a policeman and expect to get away. We will get every last one of the murderers and bring them in to face the full force of the law,” Wagambie said last Friday.
Meanwhile a village leader from Kaupena, where the killing took place, has decried the act and apologised to the state and relatives of the deceased.
Cr Mek Pure said the rest of Kaupena sympathised with the relatives of the dead constable, adding that the killing was the act of a few hooligans.
The relatives of Mambi from Kagua want to maintain peace and allow the law to deal with the killers.
Two leaders David Basua and Dickson Tasi appealed to their people and people of Kaupena to assist the police to apprehend the suspects and let peace prevail.
The relatives of slain policeman would have the haus krai at Basua’s residence at North Waigani Lot 4 Section 476.