Police chip in to buy uniforms

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The National, Monday November 11th, 2013

 A GROUP of police officers in Madang have been issued new uniforms – and they thank themselves for partly funding them.

The 25 members of the police Rapid Response Unit were given two sets of uniforms each by the provincial police commander Sylvester Kalaut.

The officers, after being fed up of wearing faded and mismatched uniforms, began a fundraising with each contributing K50.

Team leader Sgt Arnold Ulka said they held barbecues and fundraising activities.

“We managed to raise K5,000. It slowed down a bit because of work pressure,” he said.

“We were fortunate to have the district administrator Lawrence Pitor come to our aid.”

Pitor purchased the uniforms for K20,000 and said it was worth the money.

“I hope you wear your uniforms with pride and that this will motivate you to do your job well,” he said.

Kalaut said it seemed to be the norm for police to be “begging” for help for almost everything that the police headquarters was supposed to provide.

“Millions have been given to police to modernise and force and give it a new look but that remains yet to be seen as we are fending for ourselves,” he said.

Meanwhile, the traffic police were presented with new uniforms bought by the district last Tuesday.