Police involved in confrontation

Letters, Normal

The National- Friday, January 28, 2011

 I REFER to your article, “LNG plant will stay shut” (The National, Jan 25). 

It clearly pointed out that police were involved in confrontations, and perhaps, brutality of a civilian which could have resulted in death.

The government had  ordered more police to the area to maintain peace and stability among frustrated relatives of the deceased of a previous incident over possible chemical poisoning.

It looks like the situation would get out of hand if a compromise is not reached among all respective parties.

One major threat of a possible civil war that the government of the day should take into consideration is the fact that what has transpired in Bougainville years ago can erupt again up in the Southern Highlands.

It’s like a time bomb ready to go off.

Facts to enlighten us are: 

(1) It was the mobile unit that initially started the war in Bougainville which resulted in a very dark historical page for PNG; and

(2) It always resulted in the government committing itself to the developer ahead of sorting out outstanding landing owner issues, hence a war on Panguna. 

The potential for an even bigger war than Bougainville is here.

To date, the government has not completely addressed the firearm issues in the Highlands region.

What guarantee does it have to offer the people that it can forcefully bring in peace and stability through the use of its law enforcing agency? 

It’s your call PM.



Gideon Maim

Via email