Police shake-up commended


AND he’s done it again, NCD metropolitan commander Chief Supt Perou N’danou.
I’m his biggest fan and reading his news daily or whenever there’s an article in the name of law.
I am impressed with the shakeup within the police force.
His unannounced visits to witnessed the sickening state of both asset and personnel.
On the EMTV news on Jan 31, his visit to Port Moresby police stations was impressive.
Almost two years ago, I was held as a suspect for assault and was reckoned to be at fault.
I was told by a policeman to compensate the victim, who entered my laundry room and stole an item and I smacked the victim for trespassing.
Before I could compensate the victim, I was told by the policeman to compensate police too.
I gave K50 to the officer and K300 to the victim because I was told that I could have been locked up at Boroko cell without bail until Monday.
With that experience, I am not surprised there is no record of arrest. Your policemen are profiting from law breakers, even threatening victims all in the name of money!
Met Sup, a great policeman you are!
It’s time to give station commanders their monthly KPI and make sure that arrests made are properly documented for prosecution and not for the sake of just showing data.
Hold station commanders accountable for every case thrown out due to errors.
Police reservist should be on foot patrol and get rid of children and vendors on the streets especially in down town where our diplomats and important business houses are located.
Our people also get harassed by these groups.
I believe there is much to be done at Downtown, Gerehu, Waigani, Boroko and 6-Mile police stations.
Once again, well done chief.

Downtown, Pom

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