Pornography destroying society


TAKING back PNG has a lively tinge that emanates hope for a better tomorrow.
But how do we accomplish this?
Where can we stand in unison to correct the wrongs that have permeated our society necessitating prompt redress for salvation?
Well, it all starts with you and me being true to simple principles and upholding morals and ethics.
PNG, a once highly esteemed Christian nation has sadly fallen from grace.
Poisoned over time by the evolving influences adopted into its society, inadvertently bringing shame to its identity as a Christian nation, riddled with vile and moral decay.
One such vile of muted, yet profound magnitude is the increased production of local pornography.
You just have to go through social media or Goggle search to be excessively bombarded with numerous locally produced graphic pictures and videos of PNG females and males unashamedly exposing private parts and engaging in various sexual acts, some of which are so gross and despicable.
These demoralising and depraved productions are illegal, unchristian, culturally unacceptable, morally poisonous, and detrimental to national development.
Local pornography in our society increases the incidence of rapes and sexual assaults/abuses, diminishes respect and value for females, increases promiscuity, broken homes and marriages, domestic violence, murders, increases prevalence of sexually transmitted infections, promotes prostitution, taxes the health/law/justice system, results in financial stress both on a personal and national level and the list goes on.
Local pornography production and circulation may seem trivial, however the damaging hitches associated with it are far reaching and profound since vital sectors of service delivery and national improvement are negatively impacted one way or the other by the moral decay.
To date, the wave of local pornography has seemingly flourished unchecked, receding the moral shoreline to deplorable levels with disastrous outcomes.
The onus is on mandated leaders, Christians, and upstanding citizens.
Much pollution has been spilled and now is the time to cleanse our land.
Prime Minister James Marape strongly denounce production of local pornography Police Minister Bryan Kramer, initiate arrests of producers and publishers of local pornography.
Judiciary system, impose severe penalties as deterrents.
Christians and upstanding citizens, detest such vile and immoral practices and report local pornography producers and promoters.
That is what is required to take back PNG.
Together lets prevent this gangrenous and revolting infection from becoming overly fatal.
Let us give the beautiful bird of paradise a chance to rise again to reclaim its splendor and beauty.

Great White,
West Goroka

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