Praise for street patrols

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The National, Tuesday February 4th, 2014

 WESTERN Highlands police are conducting foot patrols on the streets of Mt Hagen as part of a strategy to prevent crime.

Police officers from different sections of the force took to the street of Mt Hagen last Friday led by police station commander, Inspector Moses Kamayak.

Provincial commander, Superintendent Martin Lakari led a team on road patrol.

People were happy to see the officers on foot patrolling the bus stops, market and the shopping centre.

Joe Kua from Waiye village, Kundiawa-Gembogl district, was waiting to catch a bus to Chimbu at the main bus stop when he noticed the officers.

He said he felt secure and safe when he saw the police patrols.

Kua said the main bus stop was known for criminal activities and he was always scared while waiting for a bus there.

“When I see the policemen at the bus stop, I feel safe,” he said.

“I see some youths following passengers into the bus disappear quickly,” he said.

He said he had heard many stories about criminal activities at the Goroka, Lae and Madang bus stops in Mt Hagen.  Passengers were harassed and their properties stolen.

“I want to thank police in the province for patrolling on foot at the crime hot-spot area,” Mary Guma from Kerowagi said

Lakari said on Friday he was taking a pro-active approach to tackling crime in the city.

“I and my men want to prevent crime from happening in the city and let the people feel the presence of the police force on the streets” he said.