Prioritise funding to border provinces


COVID-19 is a global issue and is still very much a threat to Papua New Guinea with more than four million cases around the world and over 200,000 plus deaths.
It’s frightening that not much has been done to secure our borders as the number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia rises to 18,000 plus.
People should understand that the border is just an imaginary line, in reality it is just one big land mass.
It is very frustrating to read that despite the funding allocated for Covid-19, the two hotspot areas of Western and West Sepik have yet to receive their funding allocations.
Why is the Government concentrating too much on Port Moresby?
These two provinces should have been the first ones to receive their funding.
The government should be securing the borders, building quarantine and isolation facilities in the two provinces and working closely with the two provincial governments.
Why are all their efforts been concentrated on the Jackson International Airport and the shipping ports around the country when Covid-19 can just walk right in through West Sepik and Western?
The Government should immediately release the funding allocated for these two provinces and start prioritising and working with provincial governments to ensure that PNG remains Covid-19 free.

Border Mangi,