Project to deliver better services

The National,Tuesday June 28th, 2016

The chain of government service delivery from the national level down has never truly served its purpose for so many years despite different applications, a new system manager says.
Hence, the introduction of a dervice delivery mechanism called community-driven development (CDD), an initiative of the government in partnership with World Bank.
According to Rufina Peter, project manager of the rural service delivery and local governance programme with the Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs: “CDD is more about the community determining what they want to do for their area. The concept is currently being piloted in villages in Western and Central since its inception in 2013.
“The objective of this pilot project is to harness the CDD approach to service delivery.”
Peter said the pilot phase of the project in PNG came about due to successful trials  in Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.
“There are structures in place toward service delivery in the pilot phase of the CDD where we would involve the LLGs and the wards,” she said.
“Communities would identify their own priority projects and bring forward their proposals.
“Then they would appoint their ward development committees led by their respective ward members for their specific project.
“We have changed the label of the ward recorder to community facilitator to give it some teeth. That person reports to the ward committee who then reports to the member.”