Provinces must be vigilant against Covid


EVERYONE, regardless of who you are, must adhere and comply to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) protocols seriously.
The resurgence in the Covid-19 has produced frightening results and most provinces are seeing increases in infections daily, leading to deaths.
Sufficient evidence warrant strict measures and requires a collaborational approach to make vaccination mandatory in our areas, specifically the entire province of Morobe.
Leaders from all sectors must speak as one and demonstrate leadership so that people can follow.
In towns and cities, such Lae, passenger vehicles are being loaded to capacity, local markets are in full swing, schools are open with normal class sizes and face masks and sanitation rules are not earnestly being followed.
Travel to and from provinces are done via road, air and sea, and if half or more than half of an area/province is experiencing a surge in the Covid-19, this calls for other areas/provinces to be vigilant and apply very stringent measures.
This does not, however, mean that the province you are in is free from the diseases.
Morobe is a high risk province because of the its accessibility by people in the Highlands, Mamose, the New Guinea Islands and Northern. Very strict preventive measures must be enforced by the provincial authorities.
Everyone should be vigilant and cooperate in order to minimise this deadly disease.

Siniwin Gisuwat
Boana, Naweb district

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