Public servants told to continue work

Department of National Planning and Monitoring staff praying during their dedication service yesterday. – Nationalpic by KENNEDY BANI

NATIONAL Planning and Monitoring vice-minister Kobby Bomareo says public servants in the department must carry on with their duties and not relax as the country goes into the national elections.
Speaking during the department’s dedication service yesterday, Dr Bomareo said the department was a key institution and needed to continue to deliver on government plans, such as the Connect PNG, Wash and other programmes.
“It is a challenging year because of the elections,” he said.
“For public servants in here, you will be here because of the elections and you start to relax.
“You have the duty, you have the call to serve. Continue with your duty, focus on your duty. Hold the department and hold the country.”
Bomareo said staff should not use official hours to push the agendas of candidates which they supported during the election period.
Secretary Koney Samuel said the department was now also preparing to develop the Medium-Term Development Plan four (MTDP4) as the MTDP three was nearing its end.
“The expectations are there and our contributions are big,” he said.
“As we are coming to the end of the medium-term development plan three, the country will be expecting us to put together the medium-term development plan four which we have to start.”
Samuel said every new government would have their own plans and priorities.
He also encouraged new departmental staff to know the roles, functions and work the department did.