Public servants urged to promote leadership values


By Muhuyupe Soranzi
RIGO MP Lekwa Gure has urged public servants in the district to set standards and promote leadership values to the people they serve.
In his first official visit to the Kwikila station on Wednesday, Gure met with the public servants of the district and told them to promote leadership values of honestly, transparency, accountability and fairness.
“We all lead and manage in different ways, but for my leadership style, I will promote honest leadership, transparent,
accountable and fair style of leadership,” he said.
“Being in the public office or public service, we need to have an attitude of a servant leadership and if we do that and promote those values than what we do will give us integrity.
“As leaders, we are role models and people look up to us to set the standards so let us set the standards through honesty, transparency, accountability and fairness when providing leadership
to the people,” Gure told the public servants.
“I will subscribe to those values of honesty, transparency, accountability and fair leadership therefore I expect all of you to do exactly the same.
“If I set the standard, I want all my officers right down to the rank and file to do the same.
“We owe it to our people, therefore we need to provide the right leadership and right management if we want to move Rigo forward.”