Put up traffic lights at Erima

Letters, Normal

WHEN traffic does not flow as planned, then traffic lights would be the better option than roundabouts.
I refer to the roundabout at Erima.
The morning traffic flow favours the traffic heading to Jackson Airport. 
This constant flow causes traffic from Nine-Mile heading to the city to snowball back for miles.
As such, to reduce traffic jam, the answer would be to put up traffic lights.
The traffic from Tokarara heading to the city in the morning is equally heavy but there is no build-up of traffic because the traffic lights at the Tokarara-Waigani intersection help to keep the traffic flowing.
While many people are anticipating the two extra lanes currently under construction at Nine-Mile end of the Hubert Murray Highway will ease traffic congestion at peak hour, I doubt it would happen as long as the roundabout remains.


Michael Kiap
Port Moresby