Reform land laws: Official

National, Normal

The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013


LAND reform matters must be given the highest priority, a Department of Lands and Physical Planning official says.

Acting assistant valuer-general Gabriel Michael said this yesterday after attending a six-week workshop in Taiwan on land policy and sustainable rural development in Taiwan. He attended the workshop with fellow department valuer Lisa Lo from Sept 13 to Oct 23.

“Some of the land laws we have in this country are working (while) some are not,” Michael said.

“We need to look at this.”

Taiwan Trade Mission representative Daniel Hu said he hoped that what Michael had learned in Taiwan could be implemented at the highest level in PNG.

“I can recall that when I arrived in Port Moresby, I was told that it was very difficult to work here and to get things done because of land issues,” he said.

“I’ve been trying very hard to look for good officers from the Lands Department to go to Taiwan and share our experience. Cases in Taiwan land reforms can be applicable in PNG.

“Land reform is the fundamental for economic development.”