Refrain from drinking beer, court says

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The National, Friday 14th of March, 2014

FOUR men who admitted assaulting a police officer have been given suspended jail terms on the condition they refrain from drinking beer and pay K500 each to the victim as compensation.
Three of them were sons of police officers. The fourth is a police officer.
Justice Panuel Mogish handed down the sentence on Aiden Hevoho, 28, from Gulf, Joe Apkas, 21, from Enga, Danny Bani, 20, from Western and Alex Akilave, 28, from Gulf.
The four will do three months of community service.
Mogish told the four accused that the court has taken into consideration their plea which saved the court’s time in conducting a trial.
He said they were first offenders, that all personal items of the victim had been returned and that the victim sustained no serious injury.
Mogish said no weapon was used.
“For your punishment, you will do community work in Tasion barracks every Saturday and you are ordered to refrain from drinking beer,” he said.
“You are to pay K500 each as compensation to the victim and it must be paid within seven days.”
Mogish said he was giving them another chance and told them to become agents of change.
“I am not punishing you for all the good things you have done,” Mogish said.
“I am punishing you for the five minutes attack you carried out on a lone police man,” Mogish said.
“You must be ashamed of what you did and working in public will let others know that such attitude and behaviour are bad.”