Regulate cheap alcohol products


MOST consumers today worry too much about quantity and not quality.
I have been drinking for almost 36 years but am not an alcoholic.
I used to get high after drinking more than eight or so bottles/cans of beer, but this is no longer the case.
These days, I get drunk much easier.
I know my biological clock is winding down but I am not convinced of this just yet.
I question myself if an external substance was put in the alcohol I drink. I have no proof but the possibility exists.
Today, there are many kinds of drinks on the shelves.
Papua New Guineans brew alcohol as well.
Today’s generation is bombarded with cheap alcohol beverages and spirits which have not been tested or approved by an authorised government agency.
Businesses driven by profit will do just about anything to achieve their objectives.
The well-being of the consumers is not considered.
Students from primary schools to universities drink as if there’s no tomorrow.
The Government should change necessary legislations and set up a body for quality control on all goods that are manufactured in the country.

Martin Mintai Waure, Waigani

One thought on “Regulate cheap alcohol products

  • PNGians are cheap, period.
    That’s why everyone is going for cheap alcohol.
    Most people can’t afford SP Brewery products…

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