Remove settlements at 5-Mile and 6-Mile


THE two miles area in Port Moresby – 5-Mile and 6-Mile – are an eyesore to visitors who visit the National Capital District.
These areas are the gateway to the city and the country, and are just next to Jackson International Airport.
The first thing visitors notice as they leave the airport are makeshift homes of settlers on the hills and near the freeway.
This is a bad first impression.
It sends a wrong message to visitors.
These settlements should be removed immediately and relocated elsewhere.
When I first came to Port Moresby, I thought I would see decent structures of buildings and people moving around in an orderly manner.
I thought wrong.
I thought I was in a village when I went to 5-Mile and 6-Mile.
Why are leaders and the National Capital District Commision turning a blind eye on these areas?
These areas should be occupied by decent buildings, not settlements.
Five-Mile and 6-Mile continue to be packed with jobless people, settlers and vendors.
Among these people are criminals.
During my short stay at a guest house at Kanage Street, my host told me that my phone and other valuables would be targeted by thugs.
I was told not to walk outside.
The leaders should visit these areas and see for themselves.
The 6-Mile shopping area is filled everyday with aimless and jobless people.
This is scary for workers and the people from Central.
Most settlers do nothing but hang around bus stops, chew betel nuts and overcrowd the place.
The authorities should free the 6-Mile shopping area.
The “White House” at 5-Mmile near the freeway is another eyesore.
Drunkards frequently visit this place.
They make a lot of noise and cause nuisances.
I was told that many good people and motorists have become victims of thugs near the White House area.
I want the leaders in the city and other relevant authorities to do something about this.

Ples Man,
Local Tourist