Resource companies luring good workers

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Post PNG moving backwards” (Nov 22).
I confirm that both terminations and resignations at Post PNG are high. 
For an entity in the finance sector, these termination statistics are within the industry band and historic averages.
However, with respect to resignations, we believe the cause was a result from the impact of the current resource boom in PNG.
The new employers in the job market are offering significantly better and higher remuneration packages.
Post PNG prides itself in developing and nurturing its workforce.
As a result of growing a quality workforce, our employees are certainly vulnerable to offers at significantly higher remuneration levels by these employers.
These offers also come from prior employees who poach known quality colleagues from their old employer, a characteristic which is not uncommon.
For the record, the number of employees who have quit over the last two years quoted in letter as “200” is a gross exaggeration.


Peter Maiden
Post PNG