Restoration of remote airstrip paves way for coffee farmers


FARMERS in a remote area of Morobe have resumed sending bags of coffee to Lae following the restoration of air services.
The farmers are from Baindoang in the Nabak LLG of Nawaeb.
The Baindoang airstrip was reopened last Oct 27 by MP Kennedy Wenge, Kandep MP Alfred Manase (Civil Aviation Minister then) and Commerce and Industry Minister Wera Mori.
Ward 4 councillor and chairman of Ibee Farmers and Growers Cooperative Society Jack Kino said the people trusted their MP who fulfilled the promise to reopen the airstrip.
The farmers had told Wenge that the Ibee Farmers and Growers Cooperative Society Ltd would resume supplying coffee and other garden produce to Lae.
“We want to contribute to Wenge’s dream of building the economy, through primary produce,” he said.
“It is true that we need money, but in order for us to have money, we must also grow cash crops, and make use of government services that are available, like the Baindoang airstrip.”
Wenge said farmers could lift the economy.
“I will continue to subsidise the chartered flights to Baindoang,” he said.
“It is a good start, because when school materials and hospital supplies are being transported, the aeroplane will return with coffee or cocoa and garden produce to Lae.”