Retain teachers with better pay, benefits

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013

 TEACHERS are the backbone of this developing nation.

The Government’s vision and mission for the nation depend on them. 

It is sad to see these hardworking and committed servants crying for better pay and proper homes. 

Some are moving out of the teaching field because their fortnightly wages cannot sustain them or their families. 

The exodus from the teaching profession has reduced  a vital resource resulting in many uncommitted and unqualified people flocking into teachers’ colleges.

Most of them do not even value teaching because they only see it as a means of making a living, not a vocation. 

These people are not educating the students well because they do not have enough knowledge. Such trachers are retarding the nation’s growth. 

This is an issue and it really needs to be addressed properly before it cripples this nation. 

The Government must act to retain teachers by increasing their wages, particularly those with experience.

Also, the Government must set higher entry standards (minimum grade point average 3.0 at least) for teachers’ colleges, colleges and universities.

This would solve the teaching and learning problems for both teachers and students. 

This nation will grow strong if higher standards in all learning institutions are implemented and followed through. 


Isaac Raymond

Port Moresby