Revitalise Post PNG for better service delivery

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The National, Monday February 3rd, 2014

 I REFER to Wanbel Niape’s letter “Post PNG stamps too pricey” (The National, Jan 20) and express my own views on the issue. 

The writer has highlighted problem  areas  that  can  be rectified if Post PNG adopted a better management control, prudent and effective leadership, a more hands-on focus on improving client services through better quality service management as well as effective business process re-engineering. 

In order to address the pricey stamps issue, Post PNG must put in place a new market-based competitive product pricing mechanism. 

It should conduct a comprehensive bi-annual review of its core business performance by reviewing and setting new quality-driven benchmarks and key performance indicators to ensure best quality client services to  develop  innovative products and niche markets, to upgrade infrastructure, to enhance growth and development as well as to instil world-class strategic planning, enhanced corporate governance and better staff training and remuneration. 

All this should be implemented with a view to enhance overall performance to achieve Post PNG’s business objectives and at the same time deliver the government’s overall improved service delivery objective through better postal and courier services  and  products  to its clients throughout PNG. 

Post PNG must stand up and take the lead in ensuring the government’s service delivery visions and objectives are satisfactorily achieved within specified resource allocations, financial budgets and timeframes. 

State Enterprise and Investments Minister Ben Micah has shown good leadership by appointing a visionary Post PNG board  under  the capable chairmanship of Ruben Aila to prudently guide and revitalise it. 

The board now needs to appoint a fresh  and dynamic CEO – preferably from outside Post PNG, with extensive private sector management and service industry experience – to implement the board’s directives. 

Also, the recent culture of appointing expatriate CEOs to lead Post PNG must stop immediately. 

There are capable and qualified PNG  professionals who can become its CEO and deliver best results. 

The current CEO of PNG Ports, Stanley Alphonse, is a shining example of a Papua New Guinean who  is delivering a sterling performance and leadership. 

Joshua S Geno

Port Moresby