Revive the wheat project, Polye

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, 27th May 2011

KANDEP district has a huge land mass and it has the potential to become the food bowl of not only the province but also the country.
The wheat project was initiated some 15 years ago by the Chinese government.
And, according to pro­ject proponent sources, Kandep has the potential to address food security in PNG with the potential to export excess wheat overseas.
If the wheat project is revived, we can stop im­porting wheat and flour, which have burned a big hole in our pockets.
According to statistics, the country is spending more than K350 million on importing wheat flour alone.
I think Kandep has the potential to generate K350 million by exporting our wheat and flour overseas.
I call on Kandep MP Don Polye to revive the project.
This will help end soaring food prices in the country today.

Scotty Pindao