Rigo community work together to build church


The growth of the church and spiritual development in a community can change the shape and perceptions of the community, says Pastor and a community leader of Imairu inland village in Rigo, Central.
Wina Legi said the Imairu people turned away from cult practice, witchcrafts and evil activities during a crusade hosted by PNG Renewal Church with the theme “Put God First” three years ago.
“The community is looking into completing their new church at the cost of K300, 000 in partnership with Lebogoro Salvation Army Church that funded it,” he said.
“The community will complete building the church and build permanent clans and family houses as part of the village development plan. This project will be completed by 2021 and will see more than 24 standard houses to be built with solar lighting. With equal participation there is hope to boost church and government partnership,” he said.
Legi said the community was targeting spiritual, partnership, awareness, training and project to boost their growth.

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