Safety during Apec assured

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APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko has assured the people that they are protected by law and their safety guaranteed during the Leaders’ Summit in November.
Tkatchenko was responding yesterday to concerns by some locals regarding their safety when overseas security officers were operating in Port Moresby.
He allayed fears people may have about their safety and security.
“Our citizens are totally protected under PNG law and we would never forget their protection.
“The Apec Security Act gives those countries which bring in their own cross-protection officers the leeway to protect their presidents and heads of state like they would do in any Apec meeting or world event,” Tkatchenko said.
“We’re giving them the same confidence, the same engagement rules, and everything they would do in any other country. There is nothing secret or different than any other economies.”
Tkatchenko said he was one who had tabled the bill on Apec in Parliament “and would never jeopardise the safety of Papua New Guineans”.
He said an amendment to the Apec Safety and Security Act 2017 now enabled the leaders attending the summit in November to bring their full security details for their safety and protection.
The legislation was passed in 2017 to facilitate the provision of safety and security during Apec 2018.
The amendment to the bill addressed the following concerns:

  •  Application of other laws to foreign safety and security personnel;
  •  Preauthorisation which would allow for foreign safety and security personnel to deal with an imminent threat;
  •  Privileges and immunities for foreign safety and security personnel in carrying out lawful orders;
  •  Command and control of foreign safety and security personnel and their assets and the ability of authorised members of foreign force including lethal force.

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