Sanguma can’t touch God


IF you believe in God, sanguma belief will not penetrate through you or your families.
If you don’t believe in God, you will definitely be affected.
Some of the work evil spirits and their agents do includes:

  • Planned killings of innocent ones;
  • Cursing families not to prosper in business;
  • Cursing children so that they will be failures in education; and many more.

In Ialibu, we have a stone man which you can’t escape from.
Once they target you, you fall flat and die right away.
Sanguma in other places operate differently.
If you tie one and question him or her, they will definitely tell you how they operate.
Don’t be fooled by foreign cultures or law.
Mt Elimbari in Chimbu is known as a house of parliament for sanguma. When devil was cast out of Heaven, he came down with thousands of sanguma, who are now operating here on earth.

Sangurap, Enga