School recognises high achieving students


THE PNG Paradise High School recognised six of its high achieving students by awarding them with a Dell laptop each.
The six students were placed in the top 100 in the 2019 grade 12 national examination out of 29,000 students nationwide.
According to school principal Safak Deliismail, the incentive was introduced by the school in 2013 to reward and encourage its students to be high achieving learners.
“Being in the top 100 is not a small achievement,” he said.
“Therefore, hardworking students must be rewarded to encourage them on keep on being the best in their studies.”
Deliismail said high achieving students in Papua New Guinea were not celebrated when they rightfully should be.
“Schools need to start celebrating and supporting their top learners.
“In that way, they’ll be motivated to keep excelling,” Deliismail said.
The incentive rewards students in the top 100 with a laptop, top 10 with both a laptop and an iPad and if student is found in top three placing, they are awarded a car.


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