School to pilot provincial education reform in Morobe


MARKHAM Road Primary School in Lae will be the first to implement the provincial education reform policy next year, an education official says.
Morobe Education Reform director Haring Qoreka said the school would be made the model for the 3:6:6 structure under this reform.
He said the structure recognised early childhood education instead of elementary education as in the current structure.
“So that will be three years of early childhood education, six years of primary education which begins in grade one and six years of secondary which begins in grade seven,” Qoreka said.
Qoreka made the announcement during the 26th grade eight graduation of Markham Road Primary in Lae last week.
School head teacher Willy Vilakiva said the school was ready to take on this change.
“We’ve already begun groundwork and are eager to partner with the provincial government to make sure that this reform is implemented and rolled out in Morobe,” he said.
Qoreka advised the school to coordinate with the Lae manager’s office.
He said a few teachers would have to go through conversion courses through the PNG Education Institute to be equipped for this new structure.


  • 3:6:6 is the way forward for quality Universal Basic Education for PNG Education system.
    Thank Morobe Province for taking the leading in implementing this education current structure.

  • The Department of Education is committed to good implement Policy Reform to develop our human resource into the future, however, the realities faced with delivering this to our school is one challenges amongst many.

    Basic infrastructure, facilities and manpower in the schools contributes immensely to this success of these reforms. school have to fully equipped and prepared to take on this reforms otherwise we compromise quantity for quality.

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