Simbu youth encourages peers to develop Christian values

Faith, Normal


THERE is a great need for students to develop Christian values so they become God-fearing citizens who will manage the affairs of PNG in the future.
A group of Nazarene church students from Kerowagi Secondary School in Simbu province shared this thought recently after attending a camp in Goroka, Eastern Highlands province.
They said PNG needed young leaders with good moral values to manage the affairs of PNG by engaging in church activities.
The students’ spokesman, Alexander Feo, said the future of PNG depended on students currently attending various institutions at all levels around the country. “We are future leaders of the country and what we do today will decide our country’s destiny,” Mr Feo said
He said if we did not have wisdom in our lives, we would not look after the country well.
He said for youths and students to work hard and bring the nation forward, they needed wisdom, knowledge and understanding.   
“We must try our best to secure a space in this country either in public or private sectors to earn our living and contribute towards nation building,” he said.
His colleague James Apa appealed to Government not to spend more money on other activities like sports and must give equal opportunities to interdenominational groups in various schools around the country.
“In this way, the churches can host camp every term break in order to discuss and pray to have good leaders in future,” he said.
The Nazarene church in Goroka will host the national gathering for students nationwide in December.