Singapore will be happy to take our money

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The National, Thursday January 30th, 2014

 I FIND all the typical sublime rhetoric being thrown around the PNG press regarding Peter O’Neill’s reaction to deny Australians visa on arrival, very interesting.

Who cares? 

Australia does not allow visas on arrival.

Australians  had  to  apply prior to arrival in PNG for years,  so  what   is  all  the  fuss about?

What happened is a couple of years ago, we in PNG relaxed our entry conditions  to  allow  more tourists to arrive in PNG without the painful task of dealing with any of our poor-performing foreign missions who were all too lazy to get out of their own way and issue visas.

Until  PNG takes responsibility and control, trans-national crimes along with document fraud, Australia will maintain its current policy.

Does Australia want Djoko Chandra and others like him presenting a PNG passport at an Australian border? 

If  you feel that Australia is  too  difficult  to  enter, then by all means make your feelings known, that is the democratic way. But if you are refused, you still have a right of protest, so use it, maybe then the Aussies will see you as genuine and allow passage. Failing that, spend your money in Singapore. 

We all know that they will be happy to take your money and they may even open a bank account for you as well.

Guinea , Via email