Sir Arnold was once a good man

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 25th January 2012

ONCE upon a time, I use to hold Sir Arnold Amet in the highest echelons’ of respect. That is, when he was my rugby coach and later as chief justice of PNG.
He was a very likeable chap. Sort of decent, flaccid, quietly achieving and very church-going type.
PNG and the world that adopted the Westminster system got to like and respect this guy a lot. A lot of us tried to assimilate after him.
The PNG judiciary lost one of its colourful sons when Sir Arnold retired. He decided to contest the Madang Regional seat.
 Well there was nothing wrong with that. The people of Yomba had very high hopes and expectations in this very revered statesman and hence swiftly voted him as their governor.
So far so good for the Knight and former chief justice-cum-governor who carried all the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the humble Yomba people on his broad shoulders.
However, Sir Arnold is fast unravelling his hard earned reputation by wasting his energy and efforts in defending an unpopular, distrusted and unworthy government.
Dr Kristoffa Robert Ninkama
Mt Peace, Chimbu