Skin infections rising

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PEOPLE should maintain good personal hygiene as the number of people visiting clinics in the National Capital District with skin infections have rocketed this month, a nurse says.
The 9-Mile Clinic nurse in-charge Sr Maria Runane said the majority of the people, both young and old, that were visiting the clinic went with skin infections (rashes, sores, itchy skin).
She said more than 300 people visited the clinic daily and three-quarters of them were there for skin infection treatment since the start of this month.
“The patients were saying they have been experiencing itchiness for a month or two and have decided to come to the clinic,” Ruane said.
“We are treating the patients and giving talks on personal hygiene.”
Ruane said it was the first time that large numbers of people were visiting clinics with such conditions.
The cause is not known.
But she said it was important for people to keep their homes clean, which included washing their beddings and clothes regularly.
“We are situated right in the middle of the community and so the awareness conducted is reaching many people,” she said.
Ruane said manpower was not always enough because the clinic had 36 staff.
She said the clinic had 20 nurses and community health workers who work on shifts.
Ruane said they ensured all the services were available for the patients daily despite the challenge.


  • I had the same problem and visited so many specialists in PNG and Australia.
    The simple answer that cured me was a liquid that is purchased from the chemists called “Pinetarsol”.
    It worked for me and it may work for you.

  • I had skin disease for almost 4 months – after visiting 9 mile clinic for a month I went to Pom Gen Dematologist but no improvement and the condition worsen. I was introduced by one of my sister to try STEM CELLS THERAPHY which is STC30 and it work for me just in a week and am cured.

  • I think this infection is nation wide, saw some of my fellow boys here in Madang are also infected and showing common symptoms like Ruane said.
    thankyou Maria Ruane for the report.

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