Softball keen to keep spirit of games alive

Normal, Sports

KEEP the spirit of the PNG Games alive is what is being practised at the Bisini softball diamonds in the last two match days.
PNG Games tournament director for softball Ralph Tarasomo last night confirmed that irrespective of the outcome of the matches, several senior Port Moresby-based players have been tasked to help out newcomers.
He said Bougainville,  Oro, WNB and WHP were getting helping hands from some senior administrators for the games.
Tarasomo said PNG Softball Federation and Port Moresby men’s softball federation were  supporting the teams with the objectives of the games, to promote the game amongst the softball fraternity.
“So far, the games have been running smoothly and it would be difficult to predict the winners,” he said.
New Ireland, ENB and Morobe are three frontrunners for the men’s title while NCD for the women’s title.
Some of the results in the men’s division last Friday: ENB 12 Western Highlands 1, NIP 4  WNB 4, Oro 2 Bougainville 0, NCD 5 Morobe 4 and in their second round matches played also last Friday, NCD 12 West New Britain 1, ENB 7  Oro 1, WNB 2  Morobe 1, NIP 10  WHP 3.
Due to heavy downpour on Saturday, their matches were played yesterday at all three diamonds at Bisini Park.
The results of the men’s games: Morobe 14 Bougainville 0, Oro 5  WHP 2, NIP 3 NCD 1, and WNB 2 Oro 1, Morobe 10  NIP 1, ENB 8  WNB 1, WHP 7 Bougainville 1, ENB 5  NCD 2.
Yesterday’s results  in the women’s division: Morobe 7 WHP 2, NIP 10  Bougainville 1, NIP 30  WNB 1, NCD 10  WNB 1, WHP 7 ENB 7, Bougainville 2 ENB 3.