Stop blaming human resource officers


THE Public Service general order is the instruction or order constituted by the Government that public servants are ought to comply with.
The Department of Personnel Management circulated a general order to all public sectors through their personnel management and human resource sections to uphold their institutions and advise public servants as per the nature of queries that arise only from the order.
Personnel management and human resource divisional officers of the public sectors comply with all general orders as stated in the section, subsections, and clauses.
However, if a human resource officer fails to comply, charges are laid followed by termination of service and he or she can be arrested and sent to prison for non-compliance or abuse of process.
The main reason for this compliance is to maintain transparency and avoid budget deficits because annual financial reports are compiled and sent to Finance and the Department of Personnel Management.
However, there are some so-called intellectuals who have just started public service and don’t fully understand the detailed concepts and processes of general orders.
They think they can override the system because they are intellectuals.
General order 14.30–14.38 specified instructions from the Department of Personnel Management are for recreational.
The human resources divisions should only implement the processes and proceedings, nothing more and nothing less.
Intellectuals and public servants abide by the general order as directed by their respective human resource divisions.
I cannot understand intellectuals who go ahead and discriminate human resource officers without respect and consideration.
They’ve used social media to garner support, thinking that things will somehow work their way.
Some people respond to their posts on social media without fully understanding the issue.
Human resource officers are only implementing what is directed and stated in the general order.

Rodney Noruma