Stop personal attacks on MP


IN politics, liberals’ perception is different from realists’ perception and ways of analysing concepts.
For example, when either number six or nine is written on a card board and placed in between two people from the opposite directions, one would say six while another would say nine – because of the position that they both are sitting.
Thus, both are correct.
When you apply this concept to North Waghi district, liberals are appreciating what our good MP Dr Fabian Pok is doing.
Whereas realists are firing their bullets to keep checks and balances alive. Both have rights as legitimate citizens of this democratic nation.
Healthy debates are good for the benefit of our people.
However, if our good MP is not performing to the people’s aspiring and wishes, then we have to wait until 2022 for change.
Name calling or personal attack is an unwise and pure idiotic strategy with sinister motives apart from political debates.
Many educated people of North Wahgi using social media are good disciplined men and women in all walks of life.
Your individualistic character is important because you have taken many years to build such professionalism.

Max M Wapi,
Millep 1, Nondgul LLG,

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