Stop petty crimes in nation’s capital


THE rise in crime in Port Moresby is a challenge for the police .
In recent weeks, there has been a lot of crime.
People are living in fear
What are our authorities doing to address this?
It is not safe to be caught up in traffic.
It shows the city has become lawless and our leaders have not done anything to address it.
The city is growing fast causing a lot of issues with traffic.
Vendors and thugs are taking control of the traffic.
We have to address this before it gets worse.
When you study the success of cities such as New York, the fastest way to reduce major crime is to stop petty crimes.
Please hear the calls of our people in the city.
We are frightened.
We are worried.
If we want the country and our capital city to move towards a positive future, we need to eliminate these elements that are holding us back.
Let’s stop petty crimes now before we implement curfews and other drastic measures to slow it down.

Concerned City Resident