Students get a telling-off: Show discipline and behave like elites


Students gathering at the provincial government building for scholarship-related issues have been asked to “act as students” and “be disciplined”.
The call was made yesterday after some students went into the provincial government building last Friday, locked the gate and queried funding for the Gerson Solulu Scholarship programme.
Morobe education chairman Andrew Gena said students should know how to behave in a civilised manner and not threaten government officials or hold them to ransom. “The way the students locked the gate last Friday was illegal,” he said.
“If they have an issue with the administration, they should sort it out with us amicably and professionally.
“They are elites and we expect a certain level of behaviour from them.”
Lectures have already started. However, the protesting students had not yet paid their fees because they did not know if they were qualified for a scholarship.
Gena said the provincial government was not trying to deny any student his or her right to a scholarship, but a scholarship was awarded based on certain criteria.
Gena called on the students to respect themselves, their leaders and public servants to make work easier for everyone.

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