Students pass public-reading test


Students as young as five years old attending private school in Kiunga, Western, demonstrated their reading skills in front of parents and the public in town recently.
“The reason for bringing out the children to the public is to showcase their reading skills and to build their confidence,” said Cross Country School of Excellence principal director Elias Wranga.
“Children need to build public-speaking skills and confidence. When they are in primary and secondary schools, they will become confident speakers,” Wranga said.
He said in PNG’s conventional education system, children were not given early public-speaking confidence and that was one of the disadvantages faced by teenage students when he was teaching in secondary schools.
“Even though students have the knowledge and verbal communication, relaying the message was a difficult task and this is a way forward for the children to break out from their natural hindrance,” Wranga said.
Children braved a big crowd as they conducted their assembly, sang songs, read the Bible and prayed.
Children read the Bible with confidence and relayed a message of hope to everyone.