Students should use technology wisely


THE 21st century is undoubtedly the age of information technology and biotech.
Information technology is making the world small thus, the world is at the tip of anyone’s fingertip by the click of a button on a smart phone or the click of a mouse button on a palm top.
You use it or you lose it.
It seems a lot of students, especially high and secondary schools, are taking that for granted and are using it for purposes other than educational.
As such, there are high number of drop outs in grade 10 and 12 school leavers each year.
The standard of spoken and written English are lower than what it used to be.
Despite other contributing factors contributing to this, I believe the lack of quality libraries is a significant factor.
Despite the internet age, it is wiser to supplement the internet with the establishment of quality libraries with up-to-date books and journals associated with the subjects taught.
It would not be surprising to visit libraries in high and secondary schools only to realise outdated books and journals that are not relevant for use today.
On the other hand, the country would be better off with improved literacy rates if quality public libraries are established for the public to access.
Information is power, knowledge is power but what about a quality library?

Concerned Citizen