Take heed of orders to remove tints, private plates

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 I WELCOME the move by the prime minister to order the removal of window tints from all government vehicles and to put on Z number plates (The National, July 10). 

I urge all department heads to adhere to this executive instruction. 

My good prime minister, sack heads who do not follow simple instructions. 

All government vehicles must have standard features. 

Government officials should be ashamed of driving around in vehicles with tinted windows, alloy wheels, bullbars or spotlights. 

They drive around as if it is their private car when these vehicles were bought using the people’s money. 

Government officials should take pride in driving around in vehicles with clear windows and Z number plates. 

If one is afraid of that, then he/she is not a true public servant as you should not be afraid of the very people that you are sworn to serve. 

Prime Minister, I suggest that we, the public, be your eyes and ears. 

Can we take photos of any government vehicle still being driven around with tinted windows or private number plates and send it straight to your office? 

Please create an email or Facebook account for this. 


Public eye

Port Moresby